Our story

In 22 of December of 1982, the Assespro Regional of Paraná to defend the interests of companies in the Information Technology and Communication sector in the state. In the 80 decade, the Industrial City of Curitiba (CIC) was also consolidated, an important event that would generate demand for services and technological solutions. Then, with an environment conducive to development, the information technology activities developed with great success, culminating in the creation of the Software Park of Curitiba and having the Assespro-Paraná as one of the founders. Since then, the Regional activity has been to bring together the IT sector and put Paraná in the spotlight with its professionals and companies in the solution and provision of quality services.

During the decade of the 90 years, Assespro-Paraná worked mainly in the capital Curitiba and metropolitan region, encouraging entrepreneurship in the information technology sector. During his tenure in this decade, he has always defended the business interests of the innovation and technology sector as a promise of the future of a thriving industry in Paraná and Brazil. This expectation materialized with the internet impacting every society at the end of the decade and technology being part of everyone's everyday life since then. As a highlight of the presence of technology in the State, in 1995, the Government of Paraná has launched its website http://www.pr.gov.br - maybe the first representing governments in Brazil (Fonseca, Marques. The Genetic Heritage of ICTs. 2008. pg. 37), whether federal, state or municipal.

From 2007, during the management of President Luís Mário Luchetta and President Mauro Sorgenfrei, the Local Productive Arrangements (APLs) of Technology and Software in the capital and interior of Paraná, supported since its inception by Assespro-Paraná. Along with the APL's, the subsections of the Campos Gerais, Londrina, Maringá, Oeste and Sudoeste were also created, with shares of the entity in the interior of Paraná. At present, the Assespro region of Paraná is the only one in the country divided into subsections, which is a differential of the institution for its representation in all regions of Paraná.

In 2009, as a result of the consolidation of the associative movements in IT in Paraná, the project Curitiba Offshore Center. Curitiba Offshore Center was the result of the internationalization effort promoted by software companies, aimed at increasing export and international expansion. Although this project is currently closed, the internationalization of companies continues to be strongly supported by the Assespro-Paraná, since then, with programs of immersion, events, missions and technical visits in all the continents.

Another highlight in its history was the official recognition of the Assespro-Paraná by a public body. In 2012, in the management of President Sérgio Yamada, the association was contemplated by the City Council of Curitiba with a Declaration of Public Utility through Law # 14.149 - 20.November.2012. Shortly thereafter, in January of 2013, the institution won its first State Title of Public Utility through Law No. 17.498.

In 2016, in the management of President Sandro Molés da Silva and led by the board of Vice President of Political Articulation Adriano Krzyuy, the Assespro-Paraná the creation of the ICT Governance of Paraná the Government of the State of Paraná and Digital Photo Frames with the Legislative Assembly of the State of Paraná, reinforcing its position as, since always, the main entity of technology and innovation of Paraná.

A 2017 / 2018 management Assespro-Paraná consolidated the event Paraná TIC in 2017, held in July in the Itaipu Technology Park in Foz do Iguaçu, among the main IT sector events in Brazil. The Paraná TIC 2017, in its 7ª edition, was the first international event held jointly by Assespro-Paraná and Assespro Federation, with the participation of representatives from Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Canada and Portugal.

2018 marked the IT sector of Paraná with a series of actions carried out by Assespro-Paraná, led by management 2017 / 2018 by President Adriano Krzyuy, highlighting:

Renewing to the presidency Adriano Krzyuy, in January.2019 the new Board of Directors from Assespro-Paraná took over management 2019/2020. Continuing and increasing the state and national positioning of the Assespro-Paraná, the following initiatives stood out:

In addition to defending the technology and innovation sector vis-à-vis public authorities, Assespro-Paraná has assumed in its history a fundamental role to integrate the market and the academic environment, with a focus on training qualified professionals for the companies. Still, the Assespro-Paraná is part of Assespro Federation, the oldest and most articulated sectoral technology entity, operating since 1976 in Brazil.

Gallery of Former Presidents

In the history of Assespro-Paraná, all his efforts showed a strong performance for the development of the State. Below we list the initiatives that participated in the history of technology and innovation in Paraná:

Adriano Krzyuy

2018 - 2017

President Adriano Krzyuy
Sandro Molés da Silva

2016 - 2013

President Sandro Molés da Silva
Sérgio Yamada

2013 - 2011

President Sérgio Yamada
Mauro Sorgenfrei

2011 - 2009

President Mauro Sorgenfrei
Luis Mário Luchetta

2008 - 2005

President Luis Mário Luchetta
Gilson Antônio Tedesco


President Gilson Antônio Tedesco
Kelso Krieger Gomes

2004 - 2003

President Kelso Krieger Gomes
Paulo Sergio Cougo

2003 - 2001

President Paulo Sergio Cougo
Eduardo Bengtsson Filla

2000 - 1997

President Eduardo Bengtsson Filla
Ernesto Rodriguez Santamaria

1996 - 1993

President Ernesto Rofriguez Santamaria
Eduardo Guy Manuel

1992 - 1988

President Eduardo Guy de Manuel
Delfim Jose Trigo Correa

1987 - 1986

President Delfim José Correa
Marcus Greuel

1986 - 1985

President Marcus Greuel
Abílio Wolf Junior

1985 - 1984

President Abílio Wolf Junior
Eduardo Guy Manuel

1984 - 1982

President Eduardo Guy de Manuel