Gartner predicts that the future of application development is offering multi-experience solutions.

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O Gartner, Inc., the world leader in business research and advice, predicts that mobile apps will be the main source of impact on 2020 business success. According to research, this will happen as applications can establish new points of contact with users, adding more frequency and new modes of interaction between organizations and their audiences. In this scenario, Gartner analysts estimate that the future of application development should be increasingly focused on multi-experiences.

“Development platform vendors are expanding their value proposition beyond mobile applications and web development to meet user and industry demands,” he says. Jason Wong, Vice President, Research, Gartner. “The result is the emergence of multi-experience development platforms that are used in chat, voice, Augmented Reality (AR) and solutions wearable in support of the digital business. ”

Most common enterprise applications

While the browser continues to be the main point of contact for apps in general, mobile apps are undeniably on the rise. Like the new ones immersive devices (including smart watches, smartphones, and voice-controlled devices) permeate the industry, modes of interaction (type, touch, gestures, natural language) tend to expand rapidly along the user's digital journey as well.

Among companies that have developed and deployed at least three different types of applications, the most common are mobile applications (91%). "These numbers are higher than any other types of applications and suggest that the maturity of mobile APP development is needed to expand into other modes of interaction," says Wong.

According to Gartner, chat apps are the second most developed type of APP, with 73% for voice apps and 60% for chatbots. “This reflects the natural evolution of application functions to support the user's digital journey through natural language-based modes and devices,” explains the analyst.

Technology for Multiexperience Development

Cloud-hosted Artificial Intelligence (AI) services are the technology most commonly used to support multi-experience application development (61% of respondents), followed by native iOS and Android development (48%) and mobile backend services (45%). "This is consistent with the emergence of conversational user interfaces, image and voice recognition, and other Artificial Intelligence services that are becoming commonplace in applications," says Wong.

Business Impact Behind Multiexperience Development

Contrary to the perception that mobile applications are declining within companies, they lead applications designed to make the biggest impact on business success by 2020, according to Gartner analysis. The following mobile apps are virtual reality apps and Augmented Reality. “Although respondents indicated a high level of development activity for chatbots and voice apps, very few thought they would have the biggest business impact by 2020, ”says the analyst.

Barriers in the development of multi-experience development

According to nearly 40% of leaders Gartner listened to, the main barrier to building compelling applications with multi-experience services is the need for business and IT alignment. More than a quarter of respondents also identified deficiencies in developer skills and overall user experience as a major barrier to project completion. "The skills gap with emerging technologies cannot be overstated when discussing inhibitors for scaling up digital initiatives, including the multi-experience development strategy," says Wong.

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