Federation Assespro: In Defense Of Technology And Innovation

Founded in 23 in June of 1976, the Federation of Associations of Brazilian Information Technology Companies - Assespro Federation, is the oldest entity in the sector in Brazil and one of the oldest in the world. Throughout its more than 40 years, the entity has been legitimately defending the interests of national technology and innovation companies.

The importance of the Assespro Federation is recognized at all levels of government, being an active member of various councils and committees, such as the Information Technology Area Committee and the Internet Steering Committee of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Today the Assespro Federation more than 2000 software companies and technology services to it linked through 15 regional, each with its own, democratically elected board of directors.

The universe of associates is composed of national private companies possessing the largest collections of Brazilian professional experience in the area of ​​technology and innovation outside the State and large private corporations, serving a universe of medium and large clients, such as a countless numbers of micro and small businesses in all corners of Brazil. Thus, we can affirm that 90% of independent companies have their presence registered in Assespro.

In 02.agosto.2018 the Assespro Federation, as well as all its regional 15, have undergone a total identity change. Assespro's new identity was based on a model of communication, representing the entity's scattered intelligence, in its various councils, groups, fronts and connections..

In 26.ember.2018, the Council of Legal Intelligence to strategically support the Assespro Federation and its regional offices on controversial legal issues, especially tax and labor issues, as well as generating, discussing and discussing legal and strategic measures aimed at advancing the regulatory framework of the technology and innovation segment with structural and concrete measures, being reference in the Country as legal intelligence and technology.

The Assespro Federation also represents Brazil internationally in the ALETI (Federation of Associations of ICT Entities in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal) and WITSA (World Alliance of Technology and Information Services).

WITSA is one of the leading consortia of ICT industry members from over 80 countries / economies around the world. Members of the WITSA represent more than 90% of the world ICT market. As the recognized voice of the global ICT industry, WITSA seeks to drive transformation and increase industry, as ICT is the main driver of the global economy.

Already ALETI is the Federation that brings together the ICT Industry of 19 countries, and its mission is to integrate all ICT Entities (federations, chambers and associations) from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal to promote the use, development, exchange and commercialization of technologies, as well as to promote the generation of positive policies for the development of the Information Society and Knowledge in the region to accelerate the improvement of people's quality of life.

Strengthened Associated Companies

The Assespro Federation's strategy to strengthen its associates and thus contribute to the generation of business and jobs, consists of two lines of action: expand the domestic market and increase exports. The implemented actions are executed at national level by the Assespro Federation and at Regional level by the Regional Assespro.

Among the main benefits that the associate Assespro can enjoy, we can highlight:

Generating Business Opportunities

Political Representation in the Three Spheres of the State

Interaction with the National and International Market

Information Source Sectorial Policy

Legal Framework Public Consultation

Assespro Federation is receiving the contributions, until June 14, to consolidate its final position to the Ministries.

Who are the real foxes?

The leadership of Assespro Nacional supports the appointment of entrepreneurs with notable experience in the IT sector to compose strategic positions in the digital area.

Assespro Nacional announces Ítalo Nogueira as new president

The Federation of Associations of Brazilian Information Technology Companies elected Ítalo Nogueira as the new president of the entity.

The Assespro Federation

The Federation of Associations of Brazilian Information Technology Companies is present in the following states: