Sectorial Studies

We share in this section studies, reports and research related to science, technology, innovation and economics. The materials presented are of interest to entrepreneurs and professionals in the technology and innovation sector and Assespro-Paraná.

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020: Global Talent in the Age of Artificial Intelligence - Insead

Addressing the theme of Global Talent in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, this seventh edition of GTCI explores how the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the nature of work and forcing a re-evaluation of workplace practices, corporate structures and innovation ecosystems. The machines and algorithms continue to affect a multiplicity of tasks and responsibilities and almost every job gets reinvented, the right talent is required not only to carry out new responsibilities and ways to work, but also to capture value from this transformative technology. Which companies, countries or cities are best positioned to benefit from the AI revolution? How can we guarantee that a joint effort be made to ensure that AI-driven increased productivity benefits society as a whole?

Cybercrime Prevention: Principles for Internet Service Providers - WEF

While certain cyberattacks focus on specific organizations, the majority target the largest number of internet users possible. Such attacks are often relatively easy for cybercriminals to undertake and can cause serious harm. The impact of indiscriminate malicious activity online can be significant and carries an estimated global price tag of $ 6 trillion in 2021. The World Economic Forum Platform for Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity and Digital Trust brought together a group of leading ISPs and multilateral organizations to develop new ways to protect and prevent these attacks from reaching consumers.

Published in Davos, during World Economic Forum 2020.

Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy - WEF

Through new data sources, we can gain unprecedented insights into emerging opportunities for employment in the global economy, and granular understanding of the skill sets needed by professionals. This new data reveals that 96 jobs across seven professional clusters are fast emerging in tandem reflecting “digital” and “human” factors driving growth in the professions of tomorrow. The jobs of the future are set to grow by 51% in the horizon up to 2020 and we project they will present 6.1 million job opportunities globally. These reflect the adoption of new technologiesâ € ”giving rise to greater demand for Green Economy jobs, roles at the forefront of the Data and AI economy as well as new roles in Engineering, Cloud Computing, and Product Development.

Published in Davos, during World Economic Forum 2020.

The 2020 Tech IPO Pipeline - CB Insights

This is the 8th annual edition of the CB Insights Tech IPO Pipeline Report. This yearâ € ™ s Tech IPO Pipeline features 281 of the most promising and highly valued private venture and private equity-backed technology companies in the United States. 2019 has seen a slightly higher number of public listings by US VC-backed tech companies, but the biggest shift has come in fundraising. US VC-backed tech companies are raising significantly more capital prior to IPO, with the majority now reaching unicorn status before going public. Contrast that with 2012, when just 2 public offerings were by private VC-backed tech unicorns

Digital Vortex 2019: Continuous and Connected Change

The Digital Vortex 2019 study reveals large differences among industries in vulnerability to digital disruption. Like a vortex in nature, the Digital Vortex illustrates the power, speed and unpredictability of change linked to digital disruption. This study is the third in a series of biennial studies launched in 2015 by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation (DBT Center), an IMD and Cisco initiative. The opinions of over 1,200 business leaders across the globe were collected from January 2017 to March 2019 to better understand attitudes and behaviors towards digital disruption. These opinions were supplemented with data from public sources.

China Internet Report 2019

China has emerged on the world stage with a group of innovative and competitive global technology companies.
And more and more, its successes are being studied and replicated in other markets. This report, prepared by the South China Morning Post and Abacus, offers insight into China's pioneers and the major trends that shape the world's largest Internet community

Trends 2019 / 2020 - Fiep System

Trends 2019 / 2020 System Fiep is an executive report that summarizes the main movements in progress, launching a look at technological advances, innovative businesses, social upheavals, new behaviors and other structural issues that bring constant inquiries.

IT Sector Overview - Softex

In this study, Softex presents a reading about the evolution of Information Technology (IT) and labor market activity in the last ten years, as well as a brief compilation of the performance of companies in relation to their Net Operating Revenue and Net Revenue. It also shows the participation in exports of Brazilian services and a brief characterization of companies in relation to their size and quantity in each IT area.

Person TI - Softex

The Persona IT study presents the profile of the IT professional based on the most recent information available in the MTE's Annual Social Information Report (ARIS), such as schooling, age bracket, average remuneration, working hours, time in employment, among others . Some analyzes are also carried out regarding the evolution or modification of characteristics over the last ten years for which information is available, that is, between 2007 and 2017.

Brazil Digital Report 1st Edition - McKinsey & Company

This report presents an overview of Brazil's economy, including its innovation, digital and entrepreneurial landscape. The facts show that Brazil offers many exciting opportunities and has many challenges - opportunities for innovation - to drive productivity, growth and social advances. This report is intended for all those who can play a part in driving the innovation agenda in the country - entrepreneurs, investors, public and private institutions and business leaders around the world, and digitally savvy, intellectually curious Brazilians.

Executive Report of Best Legislative Practices in Smart Cities - OBCI

This report proposes to map the best legislative practices around the world, seeking to have the best possible regulatory environment, so that legislators and policy makers can use as a reference.

The state of innovation in Latin America - Visa

Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) is the premier market intelligence firm for Latin America, providing powerful market and competitive intelligence-driven insights for companies to succeed in the region. Its industry expertise includes payments, healthcare, logistics, resources / infrastructure, insurance, consumer / retail and more. Its customized research reports deliver data-based clarity and granular strategic direction based on expert sourcing.

Digital Transformation Index II - Dell Technologies

Emerging technologies are redrawing our world. Are businesses ready? Will they transform fast enough? To find out, we've explored the status of digital transformation around the globe.

Data Never Sleeps 6.0 - Dome

How much data is generated every minute? There's no way around it: big data just keeps getting bigger. The numbers are staggering, but they are not slowing down. By 2020, it is estimated that for every person on earth, 1.7 MB of data will be created every second. In our 6th edition of Data Never Sleeps, we will again take a look at how much data is being created all around us every single minute of the day-and we have a feeling things are just getting started.

Women in IT - Softex

The characterization of the workforce and the identification of trends are important tools for subsidizing public policies that will address wage gaps and increase women's participation in the labor market in the IT sector. In this sense, this study shows some of the trends that occur in the formal labor market in the Information Technology sector, in the gender cut, between the years of 2007 and 2017. Gender trends and the participation of women in the labor market for both groups were verified based on the data available in the Annual Social Information Relation (RAIS), available from the Ministry of Labor.

IDC Predictions Brazil 2019 - IDC

3 platform and migration to flexible IT. Brazilian market context, 2019 forecasts and market estimate for 2019. (February / 2019)

Digital 2019 Brazil - Hootsuite

All the data and trends you need to understand internet, social media, mobile, and e-commerce behaviors in 2019.

Innovation in Israel overview 2018-19 - Israel Innovation Authority

This report presents the Innovation Authority's analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing the innovation system in Israel. We have endeavored to create a professional and interesting document that will serve as a focal point for decision makers, for the industry, and for those, both in Israel and abroad, who are interested in Israeli innovation. Accordingly, the report encompasses key topics relating to current innovation policy in Israel and surveys the central technological and economic trends in the high-tech industry, both locally and around the world.

Declaration on the Digital Future - GSMA

Social, technological, political and economic currents are combining to create a powerful stormfront of change across all industries. Technological advances are disrupting business models, and 5G is imminent. At the same time consumers are demanding more and their trust in businesses is eroding. A new type of leadership is needed to navigate this new era. Those that embrace will not only find competitive advantage but will also leave the legacy of helping to create a better future. Backed by a global movement of CEOs across industries, the 'Digital Declaration' serves as a guide to acting ethically in the digital era and demonstrates the private sector's commitment to responsible leadership.

Published in Davos, during World Economic Forum 2019.

Looking Further with Ford: The 2019 Trend Report - Ford Motor Company

Ford's latest trend report highlights the power of behavioral change and how 2019 will again be a time of massive technological advances. Robots for companionship, Artificial Intelligence predicting health impacts like heart attacks and facial-recognition software boosting public safety are just some of the ways technology will improve human lives. At the same time, people feel more tethered to devices than ever before, seeking detox, reclaim control and use technology in the way that makes sense for them as unique individuals. Ford has added services such as Ford + Alexa, Waze and other apps to its vehicles, which offer a different way to manage technology and put the power back in people's hands.

Future 100 2019 - Innovation Group

Welcome to the Future 100 2019! What a rollercoaster year of change it has been. We are seeing the big, disruptive political, economic and environmental currents play out in culture, consumer behavior and emerging trends, consumers seek to navigate the storm.

The 2019 Tech IPO Pipeline - CB Insights

This is the 7th annual edition of the CB Insights Tech IPO Pipeline Report. This year's Tech IPO Pipeline features 286 of themost promising and highly valued privately owned and private equity-backed technology companies in the United States. Still, 2019 is shaping up to be a blockbuster year for tech IPOs. Consider that if Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Slack were to go public at their rumored IPO valuations, they would all rank among the largest 10 venture-backed tech IPOs since 2012.

Business Maturity in the Transformation Era - 2018 - EY Brazil

Companies are not standing still, waiting to be swallowed up by the Age of Transformation, as will be seen in this document. But it will not be possible to break the paradigm if efforts focus only on the immediate needs. Business reinvention must be at the heart of the strategy, at the risk of companies becoming irrelevant in the not-so-distant future. The man, after all, did not come to the moon just because he wanted to cut costs.

Performance of Brazil in the Global Innovation Index 2011-2018 - CNI / SESI / SENAI / SEBRAE

CNI, SESI, SENAI and SEBRAE are Knowledge Partners of this new edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII), one of the most important reports on the subject in the world. In assessing the ecosystem that stimulates innovation, the GII offers tools and a rich database, with detailed metrics that allow the adjustment of policies in this area. Analyzes of performance evolution, both in terms of ranking positions and scores over seven years (2011 to 2018), allow for the identification of trends, offering new insights on how the country can improve GII.

2018 Global Innovation Index - Univ. Cornell / INSEAD / World Intellectual Property Organization

We present the 2018 edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII), whose theme is "Energizing the World with Innovation". The GII 2018 examines the energy innovation landscape of the next decade and identifies possible breakthroughs in fields such as production, storage, distribution and energy consumption. It also looks at how groundbreaking innovations occur at the grassroots level and describes how small-scale renewable systems are on the rise. The GII 2018 includes a ranking of the world's largest clusters of scientific and technological activity.

Plan of Action for the Promotion of Technological Innovation - MCTIC

The Action Plan for the Promotion of Technological Innovation (2018-2022 Innovation Plan) is a strategic orientation document of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC) for its work in this area over the next five years. Integrated into the National Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (ENCTI 2016-2022), the plan presents a set of priority actions and targets for the period from 2018 to 2022. In addition to the efforts of other actors of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI), these actions aim to contribute to the confrontation of the main challenges imposed by the capacity of innovation and competitiveness of Brazilian companies.

Intellectual Property, Innovation and Development: challenges for Brazil - Abpi

The Brazilian economy and society have transformed deeply in the last decades, registering many important achievements in the economic, social and political planes. This study prepared for the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property - ABPI, contributes with Intellectual Property, Innovation and Development.

Census of the Digital Games Industry - Ministry of Culture

The first part of the census contemplates the Profile of the Brazilian Digital Games Industry (IBJD), and is related to the collection of primary data on the Brazilian Digital Games Industry; "Considerations about similarities and differences between developers, support organizations and freelancers of digital games"; and "Analysis of the degree of internationalization of Brazilian developers". The second part, Overview of Public Policies for Digital Games in Brazil, discusses public sector policies based on interviews with public managers and ecosystem actors, as well as secondary data on the subject. The third, the Brazilian Digital Games Market, brings the vision of market players and consolidates secondary data on the Brazilian digital gaming market.

Synapse of Paraná Innovation - Certi

The Innovation Synapse is an innovative entrepreneurship incentive program that provides the financial resources, capabilities and support to turn innovative ideas into successful ventures. In this document, you will have access to the Mapping of the Innovation Ecosystem of the State of Paraná, executed by Certi and promoted by the Araucária Foundation.

National Indicators of Science, Technology and Innovation 2018 - Government of Brazil / MCTIC

The survey gathers data collected from the federal government, state governments and private initiative that allow a global view of the Brazilian system of science, technology and innovation. The indicators cover topics such as the volume of resources invested in the sector; data on training and occupation of human resources; number of training grants awarded; and data on scientific production and deposited patents.

The Global Competitiveness Report 2018 - World Economic Forum

In the midst of rapid technological change, political polarization and fragile economic recovery, it is critical that we define, assess and implement new pathways to growth and prosperity. With the most important determinant of long-term growth and income, the new Global Competitiveness Index (4.0) is a new tool for assessing them.

The Future of Jobs Report 2018 - World Economic Forum

The technological breakthroughs rapidly shift the frontier between the work tasks performed by humans and those performed by machines and algorithms, global labor markets are undergoing major transformations. This report finds that the workforce transformations accelerate, the window of opportunity for proactive management of this change is closing fast and business, government and workers must proactively plan and implement a new vision for the global labor market.

Brazilian Software Market: Overview and Trends - Abes

Since 2005, ABES and IDC, one of the leading consulting and market intelligence companies with a focus on IT and Telecom, carry out and disseminate the Study "Brazilian Software Market - Overview and Trends", which allows us to get to know in depth this economic segment . It presents data on the Brazilian and global software markets, growth rates, trends and trends in the sector, which are essential for guiding the strategies of companies competing in the sector. This study is an important business tool that is available on this portal for consultation by members and other interested public.

Paraná Tech: Mining Report - District

Understand the structure of the ecosystem of innovation and technology of Paraná. This is the goal of Paraná Mining Report. And not by chance. Generating knowledge, disseminating the culture of innovation and encouraging the development of this ecosystem is part of the DNA of all those involved in this study. With the Paraná Mining Report, we assume the obligation to transform all that there is of information, given and market tendency that surrounds the ecosystem in business opportunities for its diverse players.

The moment of the Brazilian startup and the future of the innovation ecosystem - Abstartups and Accenture

With the objective of understanding the ecosystem and listing the priority actions to expand Brazil's innovation environment, Accenture and Abstartups performed the Radiograph of the Brazilian Startups Ecosystem. The entrepreneurs' perceptions were captured through an open online questionnaire with the participation of more than 1.000 startups from all over Brazil between September and October of 2017.

Overview of the Santa Catarina Technology Sector 2018 - Acate

Data is the past, the present, and the future. It is analyzing what has already happened and predicting scenarios for the coming years that it is possible to verify where we have made a mistake and to understand the context in which we are inserted and try to improve our actions. For this purpose, Acate presents the Panorama of the Technology Sector of Santa Catarina 2018. The economic activities defined for the publication are related to the technology area based on the CNAE 2.0 (National Classification of Economic Activities version 2.0) and 1 (11) Hardware: TRANSFORMING INDUSTRIES (2.0 activities at the CNAE class level 2) Software and Services: INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION; RESEARCH AND SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENT; REPAIRING AND MAINTENANCE OF COMPUTER AND COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT (11 activities at the CNAE 2.0 class level).

National Plan for Entrepreneurship and Startup for Youth - Presidency Republic

The National Plan for Entrepreneurship and Startup for Youth aims to support the evolution of entrepreneurship as an alternative to generate employment and income, seeking better socioeconomic perspectives for Brazilian youth. The context and environment in which these companies are created and developed is known by the term "entrepreneurial ecosystem".

Artificial Intelligence in Every Sector - BSA

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that we use every day to solve complex problems. Although most people are familiar with the term "AI," they might not realize it's already affecting industries across the globe, transforming people's lives into incredible ways. From helping farmers protect their crops, to supporting the development of
safer cities and enabling researchers to find the next medical breakthrough, AI is contributing to a better world, today.

Sectorial Report: Intelligence and Information - Brasscom

Report of the Information and Communication Technology Sector, compiling the main sectoral indicators.

New Pathways to Innovation in Brazil - Wilson Center and Interfarma

Innovation, that is, the ability to add value to products and processes derived from new knowledge generated by scientific research depends not only on funding and facilities, but also on the existence of a "stimulating and dynamic environment where existing skills can thrive and "without the limitations imposed by policies that inhibit efficiency, as they tend to be local content," which prevent the country from having access to state-of-the-art technologies. " This is the main conclusion of the Study Missions on Innovation that the Brazil Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars organized between 2011 and 2017 in partnership with Interfarma.

Inside Latin America's Breakout Year in Tech - Lavca

Inside Latin America's Breakout Year in Tech is an 8-page graphic report with updates on the VC and tech ecosystem. The report maps the major markets and covers top deals by value, co-investments, startup ecosystem maturity, and trending sectors.

The Growing $ 1 Trillion Economic Impact of Software - the BSA Foundation

With each passing day, the incredible power of software innovation produces more life-improving breakthroughs. This dynamic era of accelerating is being powered by massive investments in technology. These instruments in turn propel near-exponential gains in game-changing advances like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and connected devices. This study will help policymakers and thought leaders better understand the magnitude of the widespread benefits that a thriving software industry can deliver. At the state level, the data can help leaders better understand the impact of their technology initiatives and more precisely focus on the pragmatic policy choices that advance greater software-driven gains.

Global Investors in Latin American Startups - Lavca

International appetite to invest in Latin American startups has grown significantly since 2013. This is a mapping of global investors active in Latin America between 2013-2017 including a deep dive of highlighted investments.

Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 - Startup Genome & Global Entrepreneurship Network

The intense and exciting life of a startup with all its ups and downs, what a ride! This report can not capture what it really feels like to be inside any of your startups, inside Startup Genome or my VR startup. 300 organizations supporting startups in almost 30 countries. XNUMX organizations supporting XNUMX countries. XNUMX organizations supporting startups in XNUMX countries. This is your report, the report of the global startup revolution. Let's raise our voices together and change the world. Let's build a shared engine of economic growth and job creation in every city in the world. And let's share the wealth we are creating-at an unprecedented rate-with our brothers and sisters and the next generation. This is important.

Internet Trends 2018 - Kleiner Perkins

Kleiner Perkins partners with the brightest entrepreneurs to turn disruptive ideas into world-changing businesses. The firm has helped build and accelerate growth at companies such as AppDynamics, Google, Amazon, Flexus Biosciences, Nest, Waze, Twitter, and Square. Kleiner Perkins offers entrepreneurs years of operating experience, puts them at the center of an influential network, and accelerates their companies from success to significance. We publish the Internet Trends report on an annual basis, but on occasion it will highlight new insights.

Emerging Trends in Infrastructure - KPMG 2018

Viewed against the disruption, confusion and uncertainty of the past year, it would be easy to become despondent about the future of infrastructure around the world. Yet we see great opportunity and promise emerging. In this year's Emerging Trends, we have identified a number of issues and topics that carry both pros and cons. Technology could allow unprecedented progress ... or it could fracture our societies further. Politics could lead to new visions and value ... or it could become more divisive and isolating. Pricing and funding models could release massive investment ... or they could beggar the poor and enrich the privileged.

ICT-Project Industry 2027: risks and opportunities for Brazil in the face of disruptive innovations - CNI / IEL

The technological convergence present in our lives goes through the industry, which is increasingly driven by innovation. This innovative spirit, in turn, fuels competitiveness and drives new business models. The 2027 Industry Project: risks and opportunities for Brazil in the face of disruptive innovations not only assess the impact of potentially disruptive innovations on the industry in the next ten years, but also the ability of Brazil and its companies to overcome risks and take advantage of new opportunities techniques. In addition, it provides subsidies for corporate strategies and the formulation of innovation policies.

State of Innovation: Survey of 677 Corporate Strategy Executives

To make the right decisions, you need to know the facts - and where and how to find them. CB Insights surveyed 677 strategy leaders to discover how top companies: organize their people and processes to fuel innovation; manage and measure innovation to ensure success; create and sustain a culture of innovation.

Readiness for the Future of Production Report 2018 - World Economic Forum

The Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers momentum, decision-makers from the public and private sectors are confronted with a new set of uncertainties regarding the future of production. Rapidly emerging technologies-such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, wearables, robotics and additive manufacturing-are spurring the development of new production techniques, business models, and value chains that fundamentally transform global production. Both the speed and scope of change add a layer of complexity to the already challenging task of developing and implementing industrial strategies that promote productivity and inclusive growth. The report seeks to build awareness on the factors and conditions required to transform production systems and help countries assess readiness for the future.

Brazilian Strategy for Digital Transformation

This Brazilian Strategy for Digital Transformation (E-Digital) is the result of an initiative of the Federal Government, coordinated by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications, with the active participation of the members of the Interministerial Working Group responsible for its elaboration . This core formulator interacted with a set of more than 30 entities from the Federal Public Administration throughout the process.

Harvard Business Review: Winning through change in the Digital Economy

Companies on the journey to a transformed, digital future are discovering that the divide between the old and new way of doing business is a lot wider than it looks from the edge. But the gap in performance between digital masters and alsorans makes it worth the effort and risk. A transformed digital business reinvents operational processes, turns business models upside down, and delivers innovative and personalized experiences to customers.

The Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018

The Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018 comes out at a time when the global economy has begun to show signs of recovery and policymakers and business leaders are concerned about the prospects for future economic growth. Governments, businesses, and individuals are experiencing high levels of uncertainty and technology geopolitical forces reshape the economic and political order that has underpinned international relations and economic policy for the past 25 years. At the same time, the perception that current economic approaches do not serve people and societies well enough is gaining ground, prompting calls for new models of human-centric economic progress.

TCS Global Trend Study: Part I

After about 50 years of largely languishing in technology labs and pages of science fiction books, today artificial intelligence (AI) has taken center stage and is under the bright lights. Barely a day goes by with dozens of new magazine and newspaper articles, blog posts, TV stories, LinkedIn columns, and tweets about cognitive technologies.

Information Economy Report 2017: Digitization, Trade and Development - United Nations

The world is at the dawn of the next technological revolution. It will be multifaceted and its transformational implications. Digitalization will create opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses, while also bringing enormous benefits to consumers. However, at the same time it will disrupt existing practices, expose incumbents to competition, change skills requirements of workers and result in job losses in some countries and sectors. The Information Economy Report 2017 looks at some of these trends, and how information and communications technologies are having an increasing impact on global trade and development.

Brazil Startup Ecosystem Report - Census StartSe 2017

Startups are the engine of transformation for the New Economy. They bring the fastest changes and break paradigms, but the ecosystem needs to be ready and prepared for it. That's why StartSe fosters and stimulates the New Economy, making people more informed, more educated and more connected. The Census StartSe 2017: Brazil Startup Ecosystem Report came up with the objective of mapping this Brazilian ecosystem of startups and presenting its strength to the world. Based on this, StartSe sought to collect the maximum data from key players in the ecosystem: startups, traditional companies, investors, mentors and institutions. The uptake occurred between the months of July and December of 2017 and came to collect more than 2900 responses.

Artificial Intelligence: The Next Digital Frontier? - McKinsey Global Institute

In this independent discussion paper, we examine investment in artificial intelligence (AI), describe how it is being deployed by companies that have started to use these technologies across sectors, and aim to explore its potential to become a major business disrupter. To do this, we looked at AI through several lenses. We analyzed the total investment landscape bringing together both investment of large corporations and funding from venture capital and private equity funds. We also reviewed the portfolio of major internet companies, the dynamics in AI ecosystems from Shenzhen to New York, and a wide range of case studies.

Brazilian Software Market - Overview and Trends 2017 - ABES

The year of 2016 was marked by profound changes in the Brazilian political and economic scenario. The market downturn that had begun in 2015 still persisted, although some trends in terms of inflation and exchange rates showed signs of improvement during the year. Keeping the same criteria of the previous years used by the IDC to make it possible to compare the markets of the various countries in which it conducts its studies, that is, the survey of the annualized values ​​and the update of the historical series constructed in a "constant dollar" model in 2016 , investments in Information Technology in Brazil showed a reduction of 3,6% in relation to 2015. If compared to the other world economies, the country fell two positions, occupying the 9ª position in the world ranking of growth.

World FinTech Report 2017

The term 'FinTech' could be both the most over-hyped and under-estimated term the industry has seen in decades. On one hand, from an investment standpoint, venture capital (CV) funding of the FinTech revolution has been staggering, resulting in billions of dollars of investment. We have seen a significant reduction in barriers to entry and customers' digital expectation demands explode. However, very few start-ups have managed to use their agility and innovation to fill gaping holes in the customer experience left by traditional firms with viable business models that achieve scale and distribution.

Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey 2017

The Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey 2017 is the largest global IT leadership survey. This year's survey interviewed 4.500 CIOs and technology executives in 86 countries, and concluded that they are adapting their technology strategies to deal with the uncertainty of the political-economic conjuncture, betting on innovation and digital.

Guide to Functions of Information and Communication Technology in Brazil

Marked by great dynamism, constant evolution and increasingly active presence in the day to day of society, the ICT Information and Communication Technology sector has in its human resources its main capital and engine of development. The Function Guide groups the technical and behavioral competencies of the 15 functions most contracted by the ICT sector in Brazil.

Alliances - Softex

Business alliances include the formation of new organizational arrangements consistent with the current momentum of accelerated change, rapid technological development, market integration, and increased global competition. Broadening the scale of action, sharing resources, combining skills, dividing risks and costs are collaborative strategies that have been used as a means to make companies more competitive and prosperous in the business world. Realizing the importance of business alliances for the competitiveness of the IT sector, the growing number of transactions between organizations and the difficulties encountered by companies in the conduct of these processes is the result of this work, which is aligned with one of the purposes of SOFTEX to provide the Brazilian Industry of Software and Services (IBSS) with information and methods that are more efficient and appropriate to the realization of business alliances.